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The amazing world of Animal jam and how to get paid membership for free

Animal Jam isn’t just any other ‘virtual world’ style games that are dime a dozen on the Internet nowadays. It is a very special venture between Wildworks who partnered with the world renowned National Geographical Society to create a unique gaming experience that is enjoyed by more than 160 million players daily and as a result, Animal Jam is one of the fastest growing online gaming communities in the world today.As any experienced online player will tell you, the bigger a community, the more fun the whole experience is.

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But wait a minute, what exactly is Animal Jam?

The whole idea behind Animal Jam is for both young children and teens to discover new things about zoology. Yes, you read it right. It’s all about Zoology but hold on, it is not at all as boring as it might sound. It’s the way in which kids discover more about animals that makes the virtual world of Animal Jam that much more interesting. This is done via games, adventure quests, virtual parties and the constant social interactions that take place in this massive and beautiful virtual world. For example, a player starts by creating a new animal, for example a tiger, a rabbit or even a koala bear. There are tons of different animals for a player to choose from. They can then customize this animal by dressing them up for example.

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There is further immersion in terms of the den that each players uses as his or her home base which can also be customized with decorative items and furniture, something that all kids love to do. The most fun part however is interactions with the fictional world of Jamaa and the other Jammers, aka other virtual residents that exist in this virtual world. There are even two real life scientists Dr. Brady Barr and Dr. Tierney Thys who are always on hand to answer any questions that any Jammers might have. Players can adopt other pets, chat with other players and make the experience even better by buying items for their pets and their dens using the in game currency. If they want, they can even go to parties and super interesting adventures. As you can guess, this is a great way for kids to spend their time as it is not only a whole lot of fun, it also educates them about the natural world around them.

All this sounds great, but is Animal Jam safe for kids?

Safety is one of the most attractive things about Animal Jam, at least as far as the parents are concerned. This is because the parents have complete control over the account settings of a child. They can even take control of the chat settings and control who their child speaks to, so as to ensure that they do not interact with the wrong kinds of players. There is even an option called the ‘Bubble Chat’ which lets a child communicate only with a set bunch of other users, keeping the random ones out in the bay. For the maximum security of the players, most of whom are children and young teens, a very strict privacy policy has been put in place. Neither is there any kind of third party advertising displayed in the virtual world of Jamaa. All these strict measures are in place to ensure that the kids have a great experience in a safe & secure space

So how does it all work?

While Animal Jam is free to play for the most part, there is a paid membership option that lets a player enjoy the world of Jaama to the max. For example, paid members get bonus diamonds, sapphires & other gems, as well opportunities to earn other cool things too. A month’s membership costs $6.95 While free play is definitely an option and players can even trade items with each other, the reality is that gems are the main currency of this wonderful virtual world and for the maximum gaming experience, they are a must.

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Some of the benefits include daily diamond bonus, twice the number of gems earned in wild play, weekly gifts and 5 bonus sapphires in wild play, members only avatars, members only parties, members only dens and 24/7 supervision. This is just the tip of the iceberg as a membership provides for much more beyond this. With a free membership a player has to spend a considerable time just earning gems so that they can buy the cool things to make the game more fun. With a paid membership there are no such worries as the player can focus on simply enjoying the game to the max and not about ‘mining’ gems etc. While it is irksome that even a free to play game such as Animal Jam needs to implement a paid mode, for many parents it is a small price to pay for the interaction that their kids can benefit from. The free gift of gems by itself makes up for the price and frankly, the more gems a child has, the more fun they are going to have in the game.

Is there another way to earn gems besides buying a membership?

As awesome as the game is not everyone can afford it especially since it is a monthly subscription and while it seems a small amount on its own, it can quickly add up over a year or more. An easier way to do things is to use a Animal Jam membership generator. These Animal Jam generator are refreshed regularly with the latest codes that allow you to enjoy the benefits of paid membership without paying any money for it. Yes, it is really possible! It is practically like getting a membership code as a gift from someone. You simply use it to upgrade your or your child’s account so they can have even more fun. Some of the best Animal Jam membership generators can even generate code for extra gems like diamonds and sapphire. And honestly, the more gems a player has, the better their chances of becoming awesome at the game. So if you cannot afford a membership for yourself or your child, why not take advantage of the free membership generator and make the most of this awesome game?